Close Encounter with the Azkals

A few days before the game between the Azkals and the Malaysian Tigers, Azkals Sports Bar tweeted that the after party of the Azkals will be held there.

After watching the game, Khen (@khencool) and I were contemplating if we will go to the bar to join the after party. I was a little hesitant because I was not familiar around the Fort area. Good thing I have my Blackberry and I was able to get the address of The Fort Strip. It was at the corner of 7th Avenue and 28th. So armed with that information Khen and I went to BGC to look for the bar. We finally arrived….after asking a very kind security guard, to The Fort Strip. After locating The Fort Strip the next challenge was finding the bar itself. We passed Tourne, FIC and Fitness First but we still cannot locate the bar. Finally we asked the guards and they pointed us on the 3rd floor next to TOYZ.

There was a long line for the elevator and we decided to take the stairs. Upon reaching the third floor we were greeted by crowd of people waiting to enter the bar. The Kaholeros were there and other fans waiting for the Azkals. One of the owners talked to the crowd and said that the Kaholeros will be let in for free. (Note: I did not mind that the Kaholeros were given special treatment for they deserve it. During the game they were really getting into the cheers and was very organized. This is the reason for the next game we will be joining the Kaholeros) .

Khen and I decided that we can just visit the bar another time when there will be less people. While descending the stairs we were joking around saying that we might bump into the Azkals while going down the stairs when suddenly we were face to face to Ian Araneta then Rob Gier and Roel Gener. We were frozen where we were standing we cannot believe that we were that close to them. After they passed we went down again and there we met Angel, Juan Luis, Marwin, Jason Sabio, Lexton Moy, Ray Jonsson, Denis Wolf and Aly Borromeo. With this batch of Azkals we were just inches away from them. I remember Khen saying Hi to Angel and me stammering the names of Jason Sabio, Lexton, Ray and Denis’ names. With Aly all I can do was wave and say “HI Aly! and he responded with a Hi and a smile. (Don’t get me wrong, the other Azkals also said Hi and smiled but with Aly it was extra special hehehe) . I wanted to have my picture taken with them but I did not want to invade their personal space for we were standing at the landing of the stairway. We will be causing a major traffic if we did.

Grinning like lunatics, Khen and I proceeded until we reach the ground floor and there we saw Misagh Bahadoran and NEIL ETHERIDGE! (PEOPLE ITS NEIL ETHERIDGE!!!!!!!).  Misagh was talking to the security guard regarding the elevator and I was getting my camera to have our picture taken with him. When he was about to go up the stairs, I asked him if he could take a picture with Khen. He was very accommodating and very gracious. After I took their picture, Khen took my camera to take our picture. So there I was standing beside Misagh posing for the pic when I noticed that the wrist strap of the camera was blocking the viewer. I was about to tell Khen about it when Misagh reached out and fixed it to the side. Haha I think that was the time when he joined my list of my favorite Azkals. I do not know what happened with Khen but my picture with Misagh was so blurred! hahaha

Of course I cannot let the chance of me taking a picture with Neil Etheridge pass! So I took a deep breath ask him if he minded take a picture with me and he said YES!!!!!!!!! I handed the camera to Khen and prayed that she will take a better picture and this what came out

Hahaha it is still blurred! But this is better than the once taken with Misagh hahaha

I was still giddy with excitement (okay I still get giddy when I see this picture hehe) when we bumped into Chieffy and Jason De Jong.

That day was a great day. Even if I was still tired for I just got in from Bacolod that afternoon and went straight to the game it was fantastic. Not just because I was able to meet the Azkals up close but because the game between the Philippines and Malaysian Tigers was very well played by both teams. Exhibiting their determination to will and their skills in the pitch.

On my next blog I will be sharing my experiences and opinions during the game 🙂

Until next time 🙂


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