First Visit to the Azkals Sports Bar

I first heard of the Azkals Sports Bars when Misagh Bahadoran (@misagh_9) tweeted that he was in the bar during the renovations. He even posted pictures of him lounging in the bar with Ace Bright (@acebright). After reading his tweets I followed the Azkals Sports Bar in Twitter (@azkalsportsbar).

I was able to go the Azkals Sports Bar after the Azkals game against the Malaysian Tigers….but we were not able to enter the bar for there were a lot of people when we got there. We left but we were not too bummed because we were able to bump to the Azkals on our way down (read my blog regarding my close encounter with the Azkals) .

The day after the game Azkals Sports Bar tweeted that they will be giving out limited edition of their VIP cards to 200 lucky fans. After reading this I frantically tweeted Khen that we need to get those VIP Cards. I tweeted Azkals Sports Bar asking what are the mechanics for the VIP Cards. I was told that I have to go the bar that Friday (March 2) to register and pay the annual fee of 500.00. After hearing this I had to face 2 problems. 1. Khen and I made plans to watch a movie with Sid, our brod from Rodeo Club. 2. My car was color coding

I sent a BBM to Sid asking him if we could meet at a later time but he cannot for he had to go home to his dorm after the movie. Good thing that he agreed that we can watch a movie another time. We were all systems go!

I was watching the clock and when it was 7:00 pm I was out of the door on my way to the fort.

When I got to the Azkals Sports Bar…the 1st thing that I noticed was the warm reception I received from the staff. I was inquiring with regards to the VIP card, registration and merchandise and they answered my questions.

I had to pay 500.00 for the VIP card and included with that was an order of James Nachos and Iced Tea. I called Karie and asked her if I should register her for the VIP card and she was jealous that we were at the Azkals Sports Bar. I assured her that we will be visiting again very very soon!

James Nachos and Iced Tea

While I was waiting for Khen to arrive I felt the exhaustion setting in. That week was very stressful with work and I wanted to unwind. After 8 months of not drinking alcohol, I ordered a San Mig Light.

A beer after 8 months of not drinking

Khen finally arrived and after finishing our two (2) orders of James Nachos we decided to try the Buffalo Phil

Buffalo Phil, inspired by Phil Younghusband 🙂

The wings were spicy but the blue cheese dip was tangy.

After having a few drinks Khen and I decided to take pictures of the place. There were soccer ball bean bags and a mock up of the goal.

Since my picture with Misagh was so blurred I cannot resist not taking another picture with him 🙂

I cannot wait to visit the bar again when it is fully operational with the full menu….next visit we will be with Karie 🙂


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