Not too bad….

When I wake up in the morning…..there are days when I wonder if I should even get out of bed and during the weekdays I usually do not have a choice but today was different its a Saturday and I can sleep in right? WRONG

I had a meeting with one of our dealers in Caloocan. I asked my FS to go there early in the morning to make sure that my meeting will push through. On the dot at 8 am he called me to inform me that the dealer will meet with me today. 

Busy day….I had to go to the office to leave the things that Joker will be bringing to the RC Meeting, meet with our dealer then go to Galleria to check the booths of our competitors.

I thought I was doing great in managing my time that is until I got to EDSA where I was greeted by traffic…..I had no choice but to stay on EDSA and pray that the traffic will ease up. The culprit of the traffic? Road construction being done at the underpass going to Boni Serrano.

After the flyover from Boni Serrano it was smooth sailing until I reached Balintawak….the culprit road construction again…..come on really?!

After telling myself to calm down and just let it go I once again encountered traffic approaching Sangandaan. The traffic was crawling from Monumento up to Sangandaan Market. I finally got to Sangandaan Market and there were no available parking spaces. I had to go around twice and finally I called our dealer and asked her if I can pick her up and we will have lunch. Good thing she agreed….while waiting for her to come out a parking space became available. Not wanting to cancel our lunch date I parked and waited for her to come out

One thing that I am thankful for this day? I was able to explain all the things that needs to be explained to her and she was very supportive of the plans and programs that we will be implementing in her area. Even if I had to endure traffic and sweat producing maneuvering to get her the end result was good 🙂



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