Is there a fake Filipino?

To be honest I’ve pondering if I should write a post about this or not. At the end I decided that I want to say my opinion. I’m not saying people should agree with me but just let me have my say.

Yesterday I knew that I won’t be able to watch the game of the Azkals against Tajikistan. I have resigned to my faith that I have to rely on the tweetcasts during the game. I was called by our Marketing Director in his office to discuss a very delicate matter for one of our products and I must admit my mind was just half there the other half was with the Azkals in Tajikistan. I remember I went out of the office to tell Karie that Phil was able to score an equalizer when she said that I should watch because they found a livestreaming site. I was so torn but I knew I had to go back my meeting. My meeting ended just when Angel scored the winning goal at the 80th minute. I remember I was squealing with happiness and I was watching the last few minutes of the game praying that Tajikistan will not score, that this is not a repeat of the Malaysia Game. When the final whistle was blown I was so happy. Karie and I were tweeting, retweeting and reading tweets about the game. I felt so vindicated that time. We were finally able to show the world and the haters that our Philippine National Men Football Team can win for the country.

Unfortunately, that happy feeling was short lived. I just got home when I saw a tweet coming from Neil Etheridge. His tweet was  So let me get this straight… Are people trying to say that my mums not Filipino? So I shouldn’t play? Thought WE were a proud country? of course ever fan of Neil Etheridge I tweeted Who the hell is saying that @Neil38Etheridge ‘s mom is not Filipino? Are you deranged? This is making me angry #azkals . Then I saw the tweet that Arnold Clavio said something about the Azkals. I didn’t watch the video I really didn’t want to watch what he said so I just read the transcript of what he said. This is my opinion.

Who are we to say if a Filipino is a true Filipino or not? Is there a checklist that we have to complete for us to be called Filipinos? Are you a Filipino if only you are born here in the Philippines, can speak Tagalog, studied here in the Philippines and grew up in the Filipinos? Are you only a Filipino if you can dance the tinikling or eats balut? Are you a Filipino only if you are kayumanggi? It makes me wonder what made him think that he has the right to say that the some of the players of the Azkals are not Filipino.

For me if you have Filipino blood because you have a parent who is a Filipino, you are proud to be called a Filipino and you want to be a Filipino then you are a FILIPINO. As I said in my blog post regarding half blooded Filipinos, foreign based Azkals players are proud to wear our colors and to wave our flags during international matches. They are willing to sacrifice time away from their families, away from the comfort of their homes to bring glory to our country. I saw pictures of some Azkals post game battered and bruised but they do not mind all they want is to play for the Philippines. Have you ever seen them play half heartedly because they were playing for the Philippines? Never! They ran their hearts out, try to make goals and defend our goal always. Is it too hard for us to support them and appreciate what they do for our country?

I would like to comment on his point saying that the Azkals think that all the girls want to sleep with them, and his comments that the players have “sexcapades” and some are taking penicillin treatments. I think this is really below the belt. I met some of the players of the Azkals a few times after their games and they are not arrogant or self centered. They are gracious to their fans and very appreciative. I just want to ask Mr. Clavio, do Azkals only have female fans? I do not think so.

I have read the suppose statement of Mr. Clavio. According to his statement,  his comments were about the sexual harassment case of the 2 Azkals players if this was the case then why did you have to drag the nationalities of the Azkals players. Why are you showing them in a bad light as if they are sexual predators out to harm any female fans who comes near them. I,  for one have been telling people that we should first wait for the decision of the PFF regarding the complaint before we make any judgement to anyone. I was hoping that you as a journalist should know that. If I remember right isn’t your network the one with the tagline of “walang kinikilingan” ? I think you should review the brand promise of your network because you are destroying their credibility because of your ignorance.

I hope that this will be a lesson to everyone. We must never discriminate anyone for anything.  For us Filipinos, let us be proud of Filipinos, may they be half blooded or full blooded Filipinos, and I”m not just talking about football players but to all athletes, singers, writers, dancers, painters and specially to all the OFW who works hard to bring glory to our country.

I’m not sure if any of the Azkals players will read this but I want you to know that to me you are like a lotus flower, even during adversities you have brought glory for the Philippines, like the lotus flower even when it grows on mud it is still unstained.

My final words for this blog….Let us love one another, we can be greater when we are united.


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