Why a Twister is BAD

I am a fan of the Morning Rush. During the times when I am in the car during the The Morning Rush I do listen to Chico, Delamar and Gino. The hosts are witty and truly funny. Whenever you listen to them you truly feel as if you are in the booth with them.

This is one of the reason why I do not listen to Good Times on Magic 89.9. Also one of the reason is I do not like Mo Twister. I find him very arrogant and very abrasive. This was way before what he did with Rhian Ramos.

This is the reason why I was puzzled with the hashtag regarding Charice Pempengco. It was used even in tweets that was totally not related to the hashtag. Then I read in the news that its Mo Twister, Mia and Suzy of 89.9 started the said hashtag so that they will also trend in Twitter like The Morning Rush.

I expected this kind of thing with Mo Twister for he is really that mean but I’m very disappointed with Mia and Suzy. I like them both when they were in their previous shows. I like Suzy for she is a big girl like me and I like her humor but this one was too mean.

I hope that they will ban Mo Twister from coming back. He is not a good influence to anyone. I know people will tell me not to listen to him and I tell you I DON’T but his antics has to stop. You are in New York already why don’t you just shut up there?

People should be very careful with what comes out of their mouth especially if you are a celebrity and has the power to reach a lot of people. Saying sorry sometimes is not enough. In the first place it should never have happened.



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