Goto Batangas and Lomi

My day last June 6 never ended….from the office I went home rested for awhile then started preparing hotdogs for our retail selling for the next day. We were able to finish prepping around 1 am left for Rosario, Batangas by 2 am and arrived in our destination at 4:00 am.

Since we were quite early, we decided to look for possible lodging for us. The first hotel we went to was GBL Lodge, when we arrived we asked the attendant how much was one room and he replied it was 1,800 per 24 hours. We were quite taken aback for that was pricey especially with the accommodation that they are offering. We decided to look around for other places. Next stop was the Happy Inn. When we noticed that the roads were getting narrower and the entrance of the establishment was shabby we decided not to even go down our cars. Next stop was Tanville Resort basing on our luck that morning the resort was fully booked. It was around 5:00 am by that time and we decided to go first to our location so that we can set up our Big Boy Booth.

After setting up our booth, the lack of sleep was catching up to me. I decided to take a nap inside the car. I was quite oblivious to what was happening inside the car when suddenly I was awakened by the loud sound of Lupang Hinirang being played by Drum and Lyre. That’s when I decided to go out of the car and join the team in selling Big Boy Hotdog. The event ended around 11:30 am. Tired and hungry we decided to leave my car by the basketball court and drive going to Ibaan, Batangas to have some Lomi and Goto Batangas.

There are quite a lot of Lomi Houses in Rosario but Ylai was adamant that we eat at this Lomi House in Batangas. The name of the place was Great Taste Lomi Haus and it was quite great. I am not a fan of Lomi so I decided to order Goto Batangas. I remember eating this when I was in college when we attend the fiesta in Vivian’s house and it was hearty and good. 

Goto Batangas is very different from the lugaw with tripe that we are used to. Goto Batangas is made up of beef tongue, kidneys, tripe, intestines and brains, yup brains. I love offals from brain to liver I love eating it that is the reason why I love Goto Batangas. The Goto Batangas from Great Taste was very very good. The soup was flavorful and the innards were tender. With the right mix of kalamansi and toyo you have the best complement for your Goto Batangas. I had to stop my self from ordering extra rice but I was tempted because the Goto was so goooooddddd! 

I also ordered the Adobong Balunbalunan and Atay and it was also good just the right mix of sourness and spiciness.

Ylai ordered Lomi and she said I must try it and even if I am not a fan of Lomi it was tasty.

Great Taste is also quite cheap, for a group of 8 complete with drinks, desserts and extra rice I just shelled out 700.00.

So if ever you pass by Ibaan or Rosario, Batangas stop by one of the Lomi houses on the way for a warm, hearty and satisfying meal 🙂


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