A Magical Night of Pink and Purple

Joanne is one of my closest friend from high school when I transferred back to STC. Our barkada were made up of Mai, Ama, Rai, Karina, Joanne and I. We became very close when we were in our senior year in high school. I remember us bonding over our bandurias and octavina for our Music class. Practicing for our dance production which we won as a class and failing miserably in the singing contest. Just the memories of us picking our palaro games from kadang kadang to patintero is making me smile as I write this blog.

Joanne and I became very close during our graduation practices for we were seatmates hahaha I remember when we were reprimanded because we were so talkative during the practice!

These are just some of the memories that formed the bond that I have with my barkada from high school. We have gone to a lot of ups and downs together and even if we do not see each other that often when we do it seems like we saw each other every day. There were no awkwardness, just true friends happy to see each other.

Joanne and I also bonded over our dogs. We used to have doggy dates in Eastwood and Serendra. I will bring Prince and she will bring Usher and Shrek. It was Joanne who took my favorite picture with Prince.


It was in February when I learned that Joanne was getting married. I remember I attended her wedding shower in Makati and that I was the first time that I encountered a macho dancer who covered his face….he is quite shy. How time flies for I was surprised when I realized that last Sunday was already June 10, her wedding day.

I was running late that day and I was worried that I will miss her wedding march….good thing I was able to catch as Joanne was walking down the aisle. The ceremony was beautiful with Joanne and Yel giving their own vows to each other. I was touched when Yel said thank you to Joanne for loving him even with his craziness and I shed some tears when Joanne said that Usher and Shrek can now call Yel tatay and even if they are senior citizens when they can watch a movie for free they will still watch it together. During the time when they were saying their vows you cannot help but shed some tears for you can see that they are saying the vows from their heart, that they truly love each other for who they are.

After the wedding ceremony, we headed to Glass Garden for the reception and the first thing that greeted us was a fishball cart J . This made me smile because these are snippets of the things that the couple enjoyed together and they are letting their guests get a glimpse of that. Just near the door was a candy corner filled with the favorite candies of the couple from gummy bears to candy covered chocolates. At the side opposite the registration table were pictures of the couple.


After taking our picture from the photobooth (which Mai took home hehehe) we headed to our table and I was awestruck by the table number in each table it represents the things that the couple enjoyed together like the concerts they attended, music they like, books they read , etc…..Once we took our seat we noticed a box and postcards on our table and upon reading the instructions on the box we were suppose to write our advise, wishes or predictions for the couples which they will read on their 50th anniversary. I found this very charming and Joanne don’t be surprised if I use this idea in my on wedding (hahaha I wonder when will that be) .

The audio visual presentations were so heartfelt and beautiful that I again it brought tears in my eyes. It showed how they met and fell in love. I love how it shows what genuinely nice people Joanne and Yel are. It also shows how they fit together to well….so comfortably. I’m so happy that Joanne was able to find the person who is her best friend, soul mate and her true love. She is really one of the lucky ones actually both of them are. I love the way they everything they did for their wedding was not pretentious, that it showed who they are as a person and how much they love each other.

My message to Joanne……my friend I’m so happy that you found the best person to be your husband. I always hope that you will be happy together and to be always there for each other. In times of trouble always see each other as allies and not as enemies. Respect and cherish each other for what you have with Yel is something truly magical and special that only very few people finds it.

My message to Yel…..take care of my friend. She is one of the most genuine, kindest and selfless person I know. You are very lucky to have her as a wife. I know that she will take very good care of you and I hope you will do the same to her.

Best wishes and congratulations my friends! I cannot wait for little yel and joanne to be running around your household and sharing the same good qualities that their parents have J


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