Finally a Clear Picture!

June 14 was quite an eventful day for me…..Vets Update, last day in the office of my former boss and Karie and I got to watch the game of Global against Guam.

7:00 pm Karie and I left the office without even saying goodbye to anyone for we were worried that someone might stop us from leaving the office. The traffic gods were favoring us that day for we got to RMS in time for the second half. One good thing when watching an UFL game? The games are free and we get to have prime seats hehehe

When we got to our seats the players were warming up. Angel was on the pitch kicking the ball around. Misagh came near the railings to smile and greet the fans. (Okay I was star struck hahaha those eyes are amazing!)

The second half started with Guam leading with 2 points. Then Global was able to even it out. There were a couple of shots at goal that was really disappointing. As one spectator said…”the best goalkeeper of the match….the goal posts”.

Carli came in at the second and so did Angel but the most amazing thing was when Angel gave Carli a shirt and Carli went to the goalkeeper to tell him that Carli will be the new goalkeeper. Let me tell you the crowd went wild! Carli was very amusing to watch as a goalkeeper for he would always walk towards the center of the pitch, it seems that he still want to play as one of the MF than stay at the back as the GK. Carli was able to make 2 saves and every time he made a save he will face the crowd and urge them to cheer. There was a time the ball was not yet cleared and he was already urging the crowd to cheer! Good thing one of his teammates was able to clear the ball.

After the game, the spectators were allowed to go down the pitch to talk to the players. Before going down Karie was encouraging me to take a picture with Denis Wolf (okay can I just say I was kinda shy to approach the players for reason I also do not know haha). Denis was kind enough to oblige our request

With Denis Wolf 🙂

With Denis Wolf 🙂

Then we had our picture taken with Patrick Reichelt, Karie said to him “You finally know how to smile” And he replied “Yes I learned from the Philippines” so cute

Patrick Reichelt

Then with Paul Mulders…(oh my I was so shy that I did not move closer to him, he placed his hand on my back gaaahhhh hahaha)

Paul Mulders

Next on our list was Angel…..

Angel Guirado

Then with Misagh…..I must admit I was determined to have my picture taken with him because the last picture I had with him was so blurred hahaha

Finally a clear picture with Misagh :))))))))))))))))))))))

We wanted to take a picture with Carli but when we turned around he already went to the dugout but I was not disappointed because we were able to have our picture with Jeffrey Christiaens


and Jonah Romero, can I just say I really really like him because he is such a nice guy 🙂

Hopefully I would be able to add more pictures with the players on this blog 🙂

On Tuesday I will be watching the game between Global and Stallions with Karie 🙂


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