Global FC: UFL 1st Division Champion

Declaring the champion for the UFL 1st Division boiled down to two thing:

1. Kaya FC must win their game against Stallion FC

2. Global FC must win against Loyola Meralco Sparks

I was not willing to miss the chance of watching these games live. This is the reason why I was in RMS last June 26…to witness the action.

Kaya FC before the game

1st game was Kaya FC against Stallion FC. Let me tell you that game was very intense. Global FS fans were with the Stallion FC fans cheering for Stallion FC. The game was very heated that the players were getting hot headed in the pitch. Doctora got a red card while Anton Del Rosario was given a yellow card for getting in the face of a Stallion player.

Kaya FC was able to win the game because of Nate Burkey’s goal and the Ultra Kaya were celebrating the victory but the championship is still not over. The next game was Global FC against Loyola Meralco Sparks. If Global FC loses then Kaya FC will be declared champion.

The game started and it was more intense than the first game. James Younghusband is so different when he is in the pitch very aggressive and hot headed. Phil Younghusband was well guarded by the Global FS players to ensure that he will not be able to score. There was a time that Meralco Sparks was able to get a goal but was not counted because it was offside.

The game ended with a draw but it still means that Global FC was the champion.

Side Story…..

My apologies if the games are not that detailed I was not able to take notes during the game because I was swept with the excitement of watching the game live. I know that every football fanatic knows what happened that day hehe

But let me tell you some side stories:

Angel walking in the stands to go the locker rooms and greeting the Global Force

Phil Younghusband also in the stand…..(okay now that is one cute boy hehe rosy cheeks and all)

Kaya FC passing by the fans as they ascend to the upper bleachers to watch the game of Global and Meralco. Nate Burkey, Lexton Moy, Aly Borromeo, Jason Sabio, Joshua Beloya, Adrien Semblat, Anton Del Rosario and Armand Del Rosario. Let me tell you I was so excited I thought I will faint hahaha but I need to keep my composure I might get kicked out of RMS.

My affirmation that Jerry Barbosa is a very good player. He has the speed and the skill.

Carlie De Murga is a genius inside the pitch. His footwork and his turns are so precise that opponents cannot get the ball from him.

Anto Gonzales is a very very quick player. I find him so cute he is like a baby in the pitch but mind you a lethal baby.

Misagh Bahadoran joining us in the stand. Watching him as he sits in the corner watching the game broke my heart. You can see that he wants to play for his team but unable to due to a very very silly misunderstanding and a referee with a hearing problem. But he was very accommodating to his fans, taking pictures and giving autographs. And I must say that I’m glad that people did that before the game and during half time, people was giving him space during the game though a lot of people were taking stolen pictures of him. During the second half and the game was heating up Misagh got the Global flag and started waving it and dancing. He told that fans that his respects for the fans was renewed because cheering was even more tiring than playing he said. But after saying this he continued to wave the flag and cheer.

When Global FC won I was so surprised when Carlie decided to remove his shorts and threw it in the stands. I had to look away haha I guess I am conservative but some of the fans were not I can here girls saying “picturan mo si Carli!!!!!!!!!!!). Carlie did not stop there he also took of his shirt leaving him wearing only his briefs! In my head I was like “wear shorts Carli please wear something other than your underwear” but to my dismay and to the delight of the other fans he did not don anything until the awarding ceremonies.

My heart broke for the Kaya FC players but they took it like a man and went down the pitch to congratulate Global FC. I am still proud of Kaya FC and I know next season will be our season.

With the end of UFL Season and some of the players going home, footballs fan are looking forward to the training camp of Azkals in the USA (hope it will be televised), Clear Dream Match in August, Long Teng Cup in October and a friendlies in Cebu in November.



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