Peace Cup Day 1: We won!

The day finally came for the Peace Cup. I have spent money (quite a lot actually haha) and sleepless nights for the Peace Cup.

The Peace Cup was surrounded with a lot of concerns changes in the dates, the venues and some of the players not being included in the roster. But amidst all the chaos we were able to push through with the Peace Cup.

Khen and I planned to be in RMS by 4 pm but Khen ran into some problems with one of her personnel. I was able to pick her up about 4:30 and we arrived at RMS around 5:15 pm. I was surprised when I was about to take a left turn going to M. Adriatico the street was closed! Since I was not quite familiar with the streets in Manila I was forced to park along the island infront of the gate for the bleachers seat but I decided to try my luck to park inside the RMS compound because I was worried something might happen to the car. Even Khen was skeptic if the car will be safe outside. After bribing (yes I had to result to bribing) the security guard of RMS, I was allowed to park inside.

Before the kick off, we saw TJ Manotoc, Bob Guerrero and Aly Borromeo doing their opening at the middle of the stands. I took a grainy picture of Aly’s back. hahaha yes I am an Aly Borromeo fan.

While waiting for the game to start Khen and I decided to take some picture and I discovered that for Khen not to take blurry pictures the camera she is using should be Canon hahaha.

The game started and I was happy that Ian Araneta, Chieffy Caligdong and Anto Gonzales were part of the starting XI.

One thing I love when watching a game live is that you see the footworks of the players. For people like me who cannot even walk without tripping, I am at awe on what football players can do with their feet. Jeffrey Christaens footwork was amazing!

Another revelation for me was Ed Sacapano. We are used to seeing Neil or Roland being the goalkeeper but Ed was able to prove that he can also hold his own but keeping a clean sheet.

Though I’m saddened that Aly was not playing, seeing Lexton Moy back in the pitch made me happy. He is fast and is not afraid to go after the ball.

The Philippines had a lot of shot at goal, from Marwin Angeles, Denis Wolf, Chieffy, Ian and Patrick Reichelt. I can still see the same problems that I have noticed before our offense is often left alone. We can see Denis Wolf or Ian Araneta bringing the ball down but no one is there to catch their passes. I remember seeing Jason De Jong stomping his foot with frustration after another one of our shots for goal went wide.

Good thing Patrick was able to sink in a goal at the 81st minute and RMS was filled with cheers. Khen and I were very happy because this was the first time we watched a game wherein we won! hahaha we won!

But the night became even more great when I was able to take a picture with Aly! Guys can you hear me? I was able to have my picture taken with Aly Borromeo!!!!

At first I was hesitant to approach him for I was shy. Khen kept on pushing me telling me that this moment might not happen again… I gathered all my courage…..took a deep breath and approached him. I was so happy when he said yes!

My hands were shaking after the picture was taken that I was unable to tweet and post the picture immediately hahaha I had to calm my nerves….I had a fangirl moment hehe

But wait! There’s more! He replied to my tweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasps*

In any case Aly is reading this blog I just want to thank you again :)))))

Side Note: The RMS pitch looked very good and I commend PFF for that but I hope that you will be able to provide safe parking for people who are watching the games.


Now That’s What You Call a Bulggogi!

I must admit that I was quite apprehensive to try out Korean food because the first time I tried kimchi it didn’t suit my taste. Well I was quite young that time so I guess my palette was not used to the strong flavors of kimchi.

Khen mentioned before that she wants to eat Korean food but we really never had the chance to eat in a Korean restaurant because most of the time we are rushing to eat when we watch a movie haha. Today was different we had 2 hours to kill before the movie and we decided to have something to eat.

The Seoul Garden is located right across Movieworld in Galleria.

The decoration is very interesting. We decided to sit in a booth and it was pretty (too bad I was not able to get a picture of the interior of the restaurant). The service was quite fast it took them less than 10 minutes to serve our side dish and our main.

I’m not very familiar with Korean food (except for the items I see being laid out in the Korean drama series that I watch) so I didn’t stray away from the things that I do know. We ordered the seafood pancake as our sides and the pork bulggogi bap for our main.

The pork bulggogi bap was very tasty. The meat was tender and flavorful. The kimchi was not too sour and not overpowering. The egg binds everything for a perfect bite. The spring onion enhances the bulggogi bap. In one word? YUM!

The seafood pancake was also good especially dipped with the red chili oil sauce. It was very very good! I think my eyes rolled to the back of my head because it was so good!

Because we just ordered two items from the menu I can guarantee that I will be back to try our the other items on the menu like the hotpots, fried dumplings and fried chicken.

Price is also reasonable prepare about 250.00 per person

Pork Bulggogi Bap

Seafood Pancake

Korean side dishes

Ramen Cool Gets High Scores

Ramen Cool is located at the corner of the East Kapitolyo and West Kapitolyo.

The restaurant caught my eye when Lander and I ate at 3 sister in Kapitolyo. When I saw the restaurant was interest was piqued.

My curiosity was finally satisfied after our VETs Update meeting last September 14. Ylai, Karie and I decided to have dinner there.

I give high points for the ambiance of the restaurant. It was very bright and clean. The decorations were beautiful. One of the walls was decorated with cherry blossoms.

The same goes for the service. The service was fast. The servers were knowledgeable about the menu and very attentive.

For the food, it was great. I enjoyed their Spicy Chicken so much that I made my own version of it. The Classic California Maki was also good. The ramen was very very good. The broth was flavorful and I love the hint of sesame.

The price is very reasonable at around 250.00 per person.

I highly recommend this restaurant to people who loves Japanese food. But be there early during dinner hours because parking might be a problem if you are late.

Ylai enjoying her Orange Burst drink
Classic California Maki
The yummy Spicy Chicken
A scrumptious Japanese meal
Karie and the food hehe
My own little bowl of Ramen 🙂


My Recipe for Spicy Chicken

Last week, Ylai, Karie and I had dinner at Ramen Cool and one of their dishes really stuck in my mind that I wanted to recreate it. With the flavor profiles inside my head I went ahead and cooked my own version of Spicy Chicken.

Note: with this recipe I was not quite happy with the heat that I got. Marlo De Vera suggested that I use paprika or cayenne pepper and I think this is a good suggestion.



4 chicken thigh fillet

1/4 cup of soy sauce

3 tablespoon of brown sugar

1 tablespoon of honey

hot sauce

1 can young corn

1 can button mushrooms

1 small onion (sliced)

4 cloves of garlic (crushed and minced)

about a thumb sized ginger (sliced)


1. Dice the chicken thigh fillet into bite size pieces then season with salt and pepper

2. Combine the soy sauce, brown sugar, honey and hot sauce in a bowl. Set aside.

3. Sautee the garlic, onions and gingers until fragrant.

4. Add the chicken and sautee until the chicken is golden brown.

5. Add the mushrooms and young corn.

6. Add in the sauce and let it simmer until the sauce thickens. Make sure that everything is coated with the sauce.

6. Serve over hot white rice.

I hope you will enjoy this dish :)))

For suggestions on how to improve the recipe please do not hesitate to hit me back 🙂

For the love of the game….

I guess it does not come as a surprise that when I heard that the Long Teng Cup will be held here in the Philippines that I was beyond excited.

There were a lot of rumors going around that the games will be held in Bacolod for RMS will be undergoing renovations and the games will be early October.

Well the super excited me, decided to book a flight to Bacolod last June 19 for October 3 to 9.

Then an announcement came out that the games will be moved from October to September 25, 27 and 29. The venue was still in Bacolod. Panic stricken, I was not sure if this was true then the official statement came out that the dates were moved to make way for the games of Loyola Sparks against Singapore. After a few sleepless nights of thinking whether to cancel my flight or to just rebook it, I decided to rebook my flight from October 3 to September 25.

I was getting excited again for I will be able to watch the games again. I was even looking for affordable accommodations in Bacolod and even Benson, our DSC in Bacolod, was offering to look for possible hotels.

The day came that an official statement from PFF that the games will be moved to RMS here in Manila. I was pissed hahaha I must admit I was pissed. I felt that I was being led around and that I was wasting money and time because of the changes. I was so pissed off that I didn’t want to watch the games anymore. I went online and cancelled my flight. I was quite adamant that I will not watch the games anymore.

But after watching the game of the Azkals against Chicago Inferno, I was made to think “Do I really want to miss this chance to watch the Azkals play for the Peace Cup? Do I really want to let this chance go?” The answer became very clear to me that the answer was NO.

So here I am today, waiting in anticipation for the games on Sept. 25, 27 and 29.

What are the things that I am looking forward to?

1. To see Aly Borromeo back in the pitch. I was not able to watch the Kaya game wherein he played and I’m really excited to see him in action.

2. For Ian Araneta and Chieffy Caligdong to score a goal. I was able to watch a few live games but I haven’t experienced the rush of seeing these 2 great players score a goal.

3. For the Azkals to be able to redeem themselves after the game against Laos. That game was not our finest moment, not because we didn’t win its because it was marred with violence.

To all the Azkals fans who will be watching the games on Sept. 25, 27 and 29 see you there! Let us fill up RMS and show the world that football is here to stay in the Philippines!