CCTV: not only for the bad

This made me smile and I hope it will also make you smile 🙂


Call Me Crazy: A Night of Good Football

Crazy….people were calling me crazy for deciding to go to Cebu to watch the game of the Azkals against the Singapore Lions. I must admit Karie and I had a crazy day that day. It started with Karie missing her flight, the hotel where I was planning to stay was full, Karie’s rebooked flight was delayed, the horrendous traffic of Cebu City and realizing that we only had one ticket to the game made the day quite crazy and stressful. But we are not the type of people that are easily fazed so we squared our shoulders and planned our attack in getting another ticket. Karie dropped me off at the entrance of the Cebu City Sports Complex with the mission of buying another ticket with the following condition the ticket must not cost us both more than 1,000.00. Karie went off for the mission of finding a parking space (I truly believe that her mission was harder).

There I was a non cebuano speaking girl being surrounded and harassed by fast talking, Cebuano speaking scalpers. I must admit at first I was terrified but I remembered that I only have about 30 minutes to buy the ticket before the 7 pm kick off. Squashing my fears I started haggling with the scalpers. 1,500.oo + 1 blue ticket for 2 VIP tickets but the scalper was adamant that I pay him 1,500 for each ticket and I was like sorry kuya no can do. Then I was bombarded with orange tickets, white tickets and pink tickets and I was like I NEED A BLUE TICKET! Karie finally arrived and we were able to find a blue ticket (don’t ask for how much haha).

Armed with our hard earned ticket we went to the gate to discover chaos. I suddenly appreciated the strict security of RMS. There were no definite line for each section and everyone was just squeezing their way in, as people who are unfazed, Karie and I squeezed our way in. The entrance was littered with water bottles for water bottles were prohibited. I guess the Cebuanos were not informed for they bought water from people selling outside the gate just to be asked to leave it at the entrance.

The game was underway when Karie and I took our seat so we were not sure who the starting 11 were. All I know Rob Gier, Ray Jonsson, Patrick Reichelt, Chris Greatwich, Jason De Jong, Jeffrey Christiaens, Juani Guirado, Chieffy Caligdong and Ed Sacapano were on the pitch.

Cebu City Sports Complex

Ed Sacapano was truly amazing in this match. I was able to watch him play during the Peace Cup and he really reaffirmed that he got talent! His save for that penalty shot was amazing! Singapore had a lot of shot at goal but it was all in vain for every shot was blocked by Sacapano.

Juani Guirado was also amazing that night. Those head shots and tackles were flawless. Singapore really had no chance of scoring that night with the defenders and a GK like Ed Sacapano.

Another amazing thing? Tha Kaholeros of Cebu were fantastic! They were tireles in cheering and chanting for the team. They were well rehearsed and you can’t help but be swept by the enthusiasm of the crowd. Everytime Ed Sacapano was able to block a shot the crowd will roar, shaking the stands. When Marwin Angeles scored a goal the crowd went wild!

Sitting in front of me were two little kids with their dad. I had to clean up my language for when I was cursing out (I know I know cursing is bad) the Singapore player who kept playing dirty (yes, that’s you number 21) the kids were staring at me haha. I was bleeping myself.

When the final whistle was blown I was so happy…..really happy. It was a hard fought game and we finally shown what we are capable of.


After the game, Karie and I decided to eat at Da Vinci’s along Jones. We walked from the Cebu City Sports Complex to the store and we were surprised that it was jam packed. Good thing we were able to find a seat with an outlet nearby (Karie needed to charge her phone). We ordered the Bacon Deli and Chicken. After dinner we went back to my hotel to freshen up before heading to the Loft for the Azkals after party.

Can I just say I was not ready to attend any kind of party? hahaha all I packed were shorts and tshirts! No pants or dressy blouses! So I choose my most presentable tshirt (okay I’m laughing while I’m typing this), took a shower and brushed my teeth that was the best that I can do haha.

We arrived at Loft and we were hesitant to go in (specially me hehe) but the lady by the reception just placed a stamp on our wrist and off we go. One word to describe Loft that night? JAMPACKED! Good thing we were able to go to the second floor courtesy of Ian Araneta, who is one of the nicest people I met. He offered us drinks and even if I haven’t touched beer for almost 6 months how can you say no to Ian Araneta and I was on vacation so I deserve a beer. I was very happy to see 2 familiar faces, Kat Liscano and Venus. Karie then introduced me to Ace Bright, Josh Beloya, Misagh Bahadoran and to Chester (thanks Karie 🙂  )


I will not get too much on what happened that night in the club I believe that what happens in Loft stays in Loft.

After the party, we decided to grab something to eat because Josh was having a major case of the munchies. We ended up in Mc Donalds to satisfy his fried chicken cravings. We chatted while we ate and shared some laughs but we didn’t stay to long because Ian’s flight was at 8 am and Josh was very sleepy. Something happened when we were about to leave Mc Donalds involving two girls but I will not get into it here it is funnier when I or Karie tell it to you personally. Though the quote of that night was “So are you like family?” hahaha memories


Crazy as it may seem I really had fun that night from watching the Azkals win and hanging out with some them afterwards was all worth it.

People may call me crazy but it’s okay as long that I’m happy 🙂

Note: This is just part of my stay in Cebu I will get into that in another entry 🙂

P.S. Thanks Karie for a fun night! also to Ace Bright, Josh Beloya and Ian Araneta :)))) Till we meet again! Josh next time I will treat you with a bucket of chicken, Ace Bright to a plateful of spaghetti and to Ian Araneta a jug full of coffee :p