I Bid Farewell to URC

When I was hired into UCP (yes it was still Universal Corn Products when I was hired) 7 years ago I always thought I will grow old in URC but God had another plan for me.

I will always be thankful for the 7 years that I spent with URC. It was filled with a lot of happy experiences and also some difficult circumstances. I meet a lot of people, most of them became my close and valued friends while some became a reminder that not everyone are meant to be your friends. 

I learned a lot from URC. As a veterinarian, I was clueless when it came to marketing and sales functions but with the support and training that was given to me I slowly learned the in and outs of marketing. 

With URC I became more confident and was able to overcome my stage fright. I even facilitated technical seminars and became a accredited facilitator of ACE.

As I enter a new endeavor in my life, I want to thank everyone who helped and supported me when I was in URC. I will not be the person that I am today without you.

My advise to people who are still starting, always take everything in stride. There will always be negative and bad things that will come our way but it is how we choose to handle this things will define us a person. 


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