Kare Kare House: Truly Satisfying

One of the things I was excited about this December was the fact that my Sissy is coming home for the holidays.

In true Christine Jocson fashion, everything in her itinerary is detailed. So our schedule in her very busy itinerary was December 22, 2013. What were the plans? Deliver her sansrival, visit the house site and lunch at Anix’s Kare Kare house.

One thing I can say the food in this restaurant does not disappoint.


Lumpia Togue Bites


Crispy Pata – the skin was wonderfully crunchy and the meat was flavorful. I didn’t need the sauce but my Sissy is adamant she wants the sauce hehehe


Bangus Ala Pobre – I love this dish. The tiyan of the bangus was deliciously fatty. The meat was crispy on the outside but not dry.


Kinilaw na Tanigue – sour and refreshing. The kinilaw was a great palate cleanser from all the fatty food.


Baked Oysters – We almost forgot that we ordered these because it was the last item served. Good thing I always have room for oysters


Mutya ng Antipolo – I know people are expecting me to say that if you go to Anix’s Kare Kare House you must not miss their Kare Kare but for me their best seller should be the Mutya ng Antipolo. The soup is creamy and satisfying.

The food was very good but the company I was with was better…..my family



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