NBI Clearance: Public Service Announcement

It has been a while since I got an NBI clearance, if I am not mistaken it was in 2006. This is the reason why when I was required to get one I was like “this will be a piece of cake I could get an online application and go to one of the NBI clearance centers”. Boy I was so wrong. This is the reason why I decided to write this blog to help those people like me who are so clueless.

First of all I would suggest that you use the NBI online application to fill up the form. Go to this link http://www.nbi.gov.ph and follow the instructions.

Second thing that you need to decide on is which NBI Clearance Center should you go to. My advise? Go to the main office in UN Avenue. Trust me on this. I went to both Robinsons Cainta and Metro East and was advised by the guards to start lining up by 12 midnight for usually by 5:00 am they have reached their cut off. I was like what?! I will be lining up for almost 8 hours waiting for the mall to open! Trust me people that will be a waste of time. Go to the main office.

For I know that parking will be a big issue so I decided to take the MRT. I live in Antipolo so i had to take the MRT 2. I was in Santolan station around 6:30 am. I must advise you, bring coins so that you can use the vending machine to avoid lining up to get your card. Use 10.00 or 5.00 coins for the fare from Santolan to Recto is 15.00. Around this time there are a lot of commuters especially students but it is quite easy to ride for it is the first station. The trip lasted about 30 minutes.

Upon arriving in Recto Station follow the signs directing you to LRT 1 (Doroteo Jose). Good news there is a bridgeway from Recto Station to Doroteo Jose Station. Buy a ticket to UN Avenue which will cost you around 12.00. This is were things will get interesting. I arrived at Doroteo Jose around 7:45 am and all trains were jam packed! I had to let 5 trains to pass and told myself if by 8:30 am I was still unable to ride I will just take a taxi. Luckily, the security guard took pity on me and told me “Ma’am sa next train pasakayin na kita sa Senior Citizen” to you Kuya thank you very much!

When you arrived at UN Avenue station just follow the trail of vendors selling ballpens, jelly shoes and brown envelopes and you will see the NBI Clearance Office. To ensure that you will not encounter any problem refrain from wearing slippers, shorts and sleeveless blouses.

The benefit of getting your application thru online you will skip 2 steps the data checking and the encoding. After paying the fee of 115.00 you will head straight to the 3rd floor for the biometrics. If you are cleared you may get your NBI Clearance immediately.

Word of advise: peak season for getting NBI clearance are during the months of January and February. This is the reason why it took me 2 hours to get mine because there was a really long line for the payment but for me this is better than to line up at 12 midnight.

I have to commend the personnel of NBI. There were a lot of personnel who are willing to guide you and assist you.

I hope this blog will be able to help you when you get your NBI Clearance šŸ™‚


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