Animal Kingdom Foundation: Giving HOPE to dogs that are forgotten

Let me share with you my memories and experiences in adopting dogs in need. 

For veterinary medicine students, having a specimen animal is crucial for it is used for almost all the laboratory subjects from Pathology to Surgery your grade will depend on your specimen animal. 

This is the reason why when I was in my fifth year of being a veterinary student we visited the Manila Dog Pound to get a dog to be used as our specimen animal. I can still remember that the dogs were caged according to the day they were caught. We asked the administrator why were they categorized this way. He replied that this helps them to identify when will the dogs be euthanised. Dogs that are not retrieved by their owners 7 days after they were caught are euthanised.

It is here where I met Friday, an askal who looks like a watered down border collie, with his fringed tail and coloring. I guess you can tell why we named him Friday.

This an excerpt from my previous blog post. 

 “As shown by the aspins I have met, Friday emanated an intelligence and loyalty that I always admired in aspins. Any operation can you can imagine was done to him and for his service I took very good care of him. Even when I graduated in college, I took him home with me and became part of my pack. I would remember, Friday will accompany me to my stop every morning on my way to the office and will wait until I was able to ride an FX before heading back home. When I arrived at our subdivision gate Friday will be waiting for me and together we will ride the tricycle back to our house.

Friday was always a free spirited dog. He is the kind of dog that you won’t be able to hold back from going out of the house. Almost all of our neighbors, tricycle drivers and security guards knew him. I remember it was New Year’s Eve in 2006 when he did not go home. My mom and I went around the subdivision looking for him to no avail. I can still remember the fear that I felt for I knew that he might be scared because of the noise of merrymakings of the New Year. I was so relieved when I opened the gate the next morning and he was waiting outside of our gate, dirty and with a slight limp. I got angry because I knew someone captured him and was planning to kill him but he got away. But Friday being Friday was undeterred by that experience he will still go out of the house whenever he can. Until the day when he was not so lucky, Friday was caught by the dog pound. I went around our subdivision looking for the dog catcher and when I saw them I begged them to free Friday I even offered to pay for the fine but they said that they cannot do that and I need to get Friday from the dog pound. Friday, as ironic as it sounds, was captured on a Friday morning. The dog pound was close on weekends and I was just able to go to the pound the following Monday and I was surprised to learn that he was not there. No one was able to help me to know where is Friday. Up to this day, I still have this tiny hope in me that one day when I will open our gate Friday will be sitting outside just waiting for us to let him in.”

I have a soft spot for dogs who are in need in general not only for askals.

I can still remember Piloy, a slightly blind Rottweiler puppy with hip dysplacia and a respiratory problem. Joker was the one who told me about Piloy. I was hesitant to adopt him because of all his health conditions but upon meeting him I fell in love. Piloy was a very happy dog. He was very loving and sweet. When you call him, he will look for you with his one good eye and when he sees you he will give his all to run toward you. We were in the process of finding a sponsor or someone to make a wheelchair for Piloy to give him more mobility but we were too late. Piloy died of respiratory complications after just a few months with me. 

Pickles was also a rescued dog. He is my mini dachshund who died last year after living with us for more than 4 years. 

I am glad that I was able to participate during the AKF Adoption Program yesterday held at Centris. It renewed my passion to stop the dog meat trade and to help the rescued dogs being sheltered by AKF. They are now fostering 400 dogs, 400 dogs that needs new home. I am encouraging everyone to open their homes to these dogs in need. 

 If you want to adopt a dog from Animal Kingdom Foundation you may go to their website for the requirements and adoption process. If you cannot adopt a dog, you may sponsor a dog for P300.00 per month or P3,600 per year.

My encounter with the AKF rescued dogs in 2009







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