Realizations of a 30 Something

I had a realization while talking to my sister the other night. We were talking about how sheltered our childhood was. We were taught by our family to be the best that we can be and to always follow the rules. This was also true when we started to go to school. In STC, we were taught that Theresians should let their light shine. I will always be grateful for these lessons for I these helped me be the person I am today. 

But as I grew older I realized that life was not as simple as that. It was not just black and white, there were a lot of gray areas. 

When I was just starting to work, I was very idealistic. I was very assertive and would always like things to go my way. I was told numerous times that I had a very strong personality and at times it gets too strong.That was the time when I started to listen to other people. To learn from people who I respect and admire, to listen to people when they talk and try to pick up learning during the conversation. I looked for mentors and asked them questions on how to be successful not only in a professional sense but also in their personal life. When I opened myself to opportunities to learn I began knowing myself better and was able to know my strengths and my weaknesses.   

Aside from knowing myself better, I was reminded on the values that my family taught me. I was reminded that I must respect other people and to never look down on anyone. I learned to value my team for without them I won’t be able to succeed. This made me start to pay it forward. I want to impart as much learning that I can to people who asks for my help, for people who would like to learn from me. 

Even with so much realizations I am still in the process of learning. After admitting to myself that I made a bad decision last year with regards to my professional life, I came to terms that there will be times when I will make wrong decisions and moves, that I should not be too hard on myself. I am learning to let things go (just like Elsa) with things that I do not have any control on. To accept that it is how I react to situations that will determine my happiness. There are times when you do not know how you can manage to smile when everything seems so bleak, I learned I just need to deeper and get the strength to be better. I started to appreciate little things like a joke from a co worker, no traffic in the morning, a good looking guy in front of you during your lunch hour or even as simple as my dog greeting me when I get home. 

I am far from being perfect for I am a work in progress and for me as long as I am learning and I can be a blessing to other people I am happy with that 🙂