Change is Coming…..

For the past couple of months, the Philippines has been thrown in a whirlwind because of the Presidential elections. Elections have always been crazy but this time it was crazier because of social media.

People given the freedom to voice their opinions online forgot that other people who had different views from them also have the same freedom. Countless fights, debates and arguments were seen on my news feed. Me? I kept my silence for I believe that my choice for the presidency is like religion, you cannot force your beliefs to other people.

You might be asking, why then are you writing this blog post? I will explain. I had enough of people who clamored for a president who promised to bring change to our country. People who proudly displays and voice out their beliefs to the point of arrogance. People who belittles the beliefs of other people and bullies them because they do not have the same opinion as them. People who are asking for change but are not willing to change themselves for the benefit of their country.

An example will be people who put stickers of supporting Duterte on their car but cannot follow simple traffic rules like no counterflow or even no right turn. The woman who was wearing a baller ID of Duterte and throwing her cigarette butt on the side of the street. The guy who was also wearing a Duterte baller who threw his plastic cup on the street after finishing his drink.

I ask these people, are you really expecting the Philippines to change for the better just because we have a new president? Are you willing to change your ways and became law abiding citizen even when there is no one watching you. To be responsible enough to take care of our country by following simple rules?

Or will we again oust another president because we realized that we are not ready for the changes that he will be imposing to us. That we too will need to change not only the criminals and crooks that he threatens to kill. Will we have an EDSA 4 in the future? For me this is a sign of weakness for the Filipinos. We have abused the pride that we should have because of the EDSA Revolution, the original EDSA Revolution. Having numerous revolution does not mean that we are courageous because we are standing against someone. Instead it shows that we cannot take responsibility for the leaders that WE elected. That we are willing to accept the leader that we deserve.

As I said before, MDS will be a someone I will be proud to call my president but I will respect the president who will win. I will do my part to ensure that Phillipines will change for the better. The question is, are you?


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