Comfort Food: Banana Bread

I started baking last year when we bought our first oven. I remember I started out baking cookies, brownies, cupcakes and cakes. As time went by I learned the essentials of baking that made a better baker. Patience is key and measuring is crucial.

I decided to look up for recipes of banana breads. Why? Simple, I love banana bread. Banana bread for me is a comfort food with it being slightly sweet with the bananas and earthiness from the molasses. I looked for a recipe that uses real bananas and not artificial flavoring.

I stumbled upon a recipe that was quite easy and tweaked it a little as I continued to bake banana bread that was moist and delicious. After many batches of trial and error I finally was able to “perfect” my banana bread recipe.

I am now offering my banana bread to people who would like to order 🙂

Here is my price list:



Some pictures of my baked goods:

For orders, you may send me an email at or viber me at 0920-9566704


Happy Eating!