I tried to keep a blog a few years back. I love to put my thoughts in black and white (though there are times that it doesn’t make sense but still I write it down hehe) and would like to share to other people.But when I started working I did not have the chance to sit down and just to put on thoughts into paper (or in blogs).

For the past year, I became a Twitter lover. I find it fun and informative. You get to read the thoughts of people you think you cannot have access to like actors, actresses, musicians and of course football players (hehe). The rush when your tweets are retweeted and when your idols or crushes (hehe) replies to your tweets.

Though it is challenging for you to be able to convey what you want to say in 160 characters there are just somethings that needs more than 160 characters and I think having a blog will help me with that.

I must say that I will be using this blogs to share my experiences, passion and my opinions and I hope that people who will read my blogs will read it with an open mind.

So I encourage you to express your comments just express it in a positive way and I will also address it diplomatically.

oh by the way if there are grammatical errors or spelling errors my apologies hahaha when you get used to using a Blackberry then use a laptop it can be confusing hehehe 0_o


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