Hard Earned 3rd Place…..

The AFC Challenge Cup for the Azkals started with a lot challenges inside and outside the pitch.

A complaint was served to two of the players.

A careless (idiotic?) comment from a broadcaster.

Words were said.

Opinions were given.

Encouragement and support came from the fans.

Ridicule and insults from the haters.

Losing in our first game against Korea DPR.

Winning the next two games against India and Tajikistan.

Crushing lost against Turkmenistan in the semis.

Losing a vital player for the next game due to a red card.

Never losing hope and determination to finish in the 3rd Place.

Whatever other people may say, I’m proud of what the Azkals were able to accomplish. I appreciate the glory and honor they bring to the country. Grateful that they made me realize what a beautiful game football is.

See you until your next game…..as Blue Haired Fan said GO AZKALS GO AZKALS!

Philippine NT Men Football (picture from Ian Araneta's Twitter)


I love these guys! Defense Team (from Jason Sabio's Twitter)

Carlie and Misagh receiving their bronze medal


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