June 1 – Philippines vs. Malaysia

I was looking forward for the game of the Azkals against Malaysia last June 1 for the following reasons:

1. I was there in RMS last Feb 29, 2012 when we lost to them in the last minute.

2. Manny Ott, Stephan Shrock and Roland Mueller were playing

3. Neil Etheridge was one of the commentators :D

So when I heard that the kick off was moved from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm I was so elated! At 8:30 pm I was ready for the kick off with my bags of chips and bottle of water I sat in front of the TV to watch the game. First of all Neil’s accent was to die for haha even if I really needed to concentrate for me to understand what he was saying it was so dreamy!

So happy to see that Stephan Shrock, Manny Ott, Paul Mulders and Dennis Wolf were starting. I was able to watch Dennis Wolf in action during the Feb. 29 game and was really impressed with his skills. For Paul Mulders was able to watch him for the AFC Challenge Cup even though he was unable to make a goal you can see that he us really good. For Stephan Shrock and Manny Ott, they play for the first division in their respective countries.

And I must say Stephan Shrock did not disappoint! His leg works were phenomenal and he was running from post to post. He even almost scored a goal at the 1st 10 minutes. I also like his salmon colored boots hehehe

Manny Ott? so cute! haha though a little hot tempered I guess that is the reason why he is called “Angry Bird” by his teammates

A revelation for me was Roland Mueller for he was able to keep a clean sheet. His saves were awesome!

I have always said that I’m impressed with our defense, they can hold their own on the pitch. But as always our offense is lacking. With the absence of Phil Younghusband we really need players who can score a goal. There are times when Dennis Wolf is left alone being surrounded by the Malaysians.

I also agree that during the friendlies this is the best time to experiment what mix of players will work. I do not see any reasons why players need to be in the pitch for the whole 90 minutes.

In any case I’m looking forward for the game tomorrow against Indonesia :)


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