June 12 – Philippines vs. Guam

The 3rd and last friendlies of the Azkals vs. Guam was held last June 12 at Panaad Stadium. I was happy that the game landed on a holiday but I was sad because I won’t be able to watch the game live because the game was in Bacolod.

Days before June 12, I was encouraging Karie (@karie20) to watch the game for it is such a great opportunity. I was even contemplating flying to Bacolod that to watch the game but the fare was to much for me hahaha.

June 12 came and I was ready for the kick off….water bottle check!, Combos Cheddar Cheese check and personal pizza from Pizza Hut check!. Even my clapper was ready (I know I know I’m just watching from home why do I need a clapper).

7:00 kick off! The starting line up for the Philippines were GK: Neil Etheridge, Rob Gier, Jason Sabio, Carli De Murga, Angel Guirado, Dennis Cagara, Jerry Lucena, PYH, JYH, Denis Wolf and Marwin Angeles.

The 1st half was very exciting with Angel scoring 2 goals and Carli scoring one.

I was really impress with Marwin Angeles that night he was able to set up the play for one of Angel’s goals.

Dennis Cagara and Jerry Lucena were really impressive that night. What I like about Jerry he keeps his plays simple not too much theatrics.

But my heart stopped when Rob Gier went down and when his face was shown on TV half of it was covered in blood. This is the reason why I cannot believe it that he played for the second half.  But Rob Gier is a really good player. The way he tackles the ball is precise that he clears the ball without incurring a foul.

My heart again stopped when the wind was knocked out of Carli good thing he was able to continue playing.

I know this is off topic but can I just say that the see through white kit of the Azkals was mighty distracting hahaha as I said I’m conservative.

As a whole the game last June 12 was exciting and entertaining. I was so jealous of the people in Panaad because you can really feel the excitement. The Kaholeros did a great job with the cheering and the chants.

Crossing my fingers that I will be able to watch a live game of the Azkals soon!


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