Birthday Dinner at Anix’s House of Kare Kare

I mentioned to my mom that there is a restaurant along Sumulong Highway that I would like to try and that is Anix’s House of Kare Kare. So for my birthday she said that she will treat me there. I told my mom to call the restaurant to make reservations for every time I pass by the parking lot is full. My mom was able to make a reservation for June 23 at 6:00 pm.

Fortunately when we arrived there were not a lot of people in the restaurant so finding a parking space was a breeze. Upon checking the menu we decided to get the best sellers, my mom did extensive research hehehe. We ordered the Kare Kare Classic, Mutya ng Antipolo and Crispy Pata. My mom also ordered Lumpiang Ubod but I passed because I know we ordered quite a lot already.

Just to clarify what is Mutya ng Antipolo, it is Anix’s version of a French Bouillabaisse. Now I’m a big fan of creamy seafood soup from Clam Chowder to Bouillabaisse. There is something about soup that warms my soul. When the soup arrived in a big bowl I was quite worried that we won’t be able to finish it but I was wrong because the soup was so good that me and my mom was able to finish the serving. The soup has just the right consistency not too thin and not too creamy. There were its of carrots and celery that added texture to the soup. They were also not stingy with the seafood. There were mussels, squid, fish, shrimps and crab. The squid was not tough at all which was surprising. The soup base was very flavorful and satisfying.

Mutya ng Antipolo


There is nothing special with the Crispy Pata when it arrived on the table but when you eat the meat it is so juicy and flavorful. Most of the time when you eat Crispy Pata there are parts when the meat is dry but with Anix’s Crispy Pata no part was dry. Though I would like the sauce to be more acidic but aside from that 2 thumbs up for the Crispy Pata.

Crispy Pata


The Kare Kare for me was not that spectacular though I’m not saying that it is not good for me it was just on the sweet side. The meat was soft and fall of the bone tender. For me the Kare Kare was not the star of the meal. I just had one serving then turned my attention to the Crispy Pata and Mutya ng Antipolo.

Kare Kare

If I will be asked if I will come back to Anix’s House of Kare Kare, YES I WILL. The restaurant has real potential. I would like to try other items in their menu like the Bangus ala Pobre and their Bulalo Steak. Though they need to improve their service. The servers were horsing around when we were eating and I do not appreciate that.

If you have foreigner friends or balikbayan friends and you would like to let them experience Filipino Food, Anix’s House of Kare Kare is a good choice. The price is quite reasonable and the food is good.

Note: Sissy if you are reading this we need to eat here when you come home for a visit 🙂

Anix’s House of Kare Kare is located at #71 Sumulong Highway Sitio Kamias, Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo City


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