Hanging Out at Azkal Sports Bar

I was able to watch 2 Global FC games in a span of 5 days. The first one was last Thursday and the most recent was yesterday. Both games were exciting and I was able to meet some Karie’s friends that she meet in Bacolod for the friendly between the Azkals and Guam.

After each game we headed to Azkals Sports Bar located in The Fort Strip. This is not my first time to go to the bar my first time was with Khen as I blog last March (https://abiggirlinasmallworld.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/first-visit-to-the-azkals-sports-bar/)

This time around I was with Karie and our new found friends Devie, Betchay and Ynna.

For our visit last Thursday, we were also joined by Jeffrey Christiaens, Ace Bright and Venus (sorry Venus I was not able to catch your last name). For Karie and I just came from our VETS Update we were quite hungry after the game so we decided to split an order of Cagara Country Fried Chicken and Paolo’s Salisbury Steak and a starter of Angel’s Nachos. (Please forgive the quality of the pic hehe I was using my camera phone)

Sharing an order of Cagara Country Fried Chicken and Paolo’s Salisbury Steak with Karie

The Cagara Country Fried Chicken was very good I really like the sauce and the side vegetable (I think because it was loaded with bacon hehehe). Between the chicken and the Salisbury Steak I preferred the chicken.

After eating our dinner we chatted with Jeffrey and Venus. Karie even taught Jeff a new Tagalog word “naaalala” now we just have to see if he remembers it hahaha. Venus is also very entertaining she regaled us with her stories of her meeting famous celebrities.

About quarter past 12:00 Patrick Reichelt arrived with his best friend Kevin. I find him very endearing for it was his birthday that day and he went out of his way to go to Azkals Sports Bar because Ace Bright called him to tell him that Betchay was waiting for him. He also greeted everyone when he arrived and said goodbye when he left.

We were again in the Azkals Sports Bar yesterday after the game of Global against Stallions. I decided to order Ace Quesadilla Burger while Karie again opted to have the Cagara Country Fried Chicken. That night we were able to enjoy our 10% discount and complimentary drink because we have the Azkals Sports Bar privilege card.

Karie’s Favorite Cagara Country Fried Chicken

Ace Quesadilla Burger for me :)

I always have fun whenever I go to Azkals Sports Bar because you get to spend time with people who loves the game as much as you do plus the food is great, the ambiance is nice and inviting and the staffs are very accommodating (especially the owner, Sir Mel :) )

So I invite anyone who loves football or is curious about football come and visit the Azkals Sports Bar in The Fort Strip you might even meet some of your favorite Azkal or find new friends :)


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