Memories of Bizu Patisserie

When Filipino hears macaroons they usually think of the coconut dessert that we enjoy during fiestas but now we can also a pastry from France that is so far from the macaroons that we are familiar with.

And when we talk about French Macaroons only one patisserie comes to mind and that is Bizu Patisserie.

Bizu Patisserie caters to both those with a sweet tooth and for those who likes savory food. They also have an afternoon tea set that is perfect for friends who would love to sit down and catch up with each other. They also offer catering services.

But for me Bizu Patisserie means desserts! If you are a sweet tooth like me visit Bizu Patisserie at the following locations

Here are some pictures of the treats that I enjoy in Bizu Patisserie

My favorite Yoga Cake 🙂
Blueberry Cheesecake
French Macaroons
French Macaroons and the Yoga Cake

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