Razon’s More Than Halo Halo and Palabok

Before I start with this post I would just like to clear that I’m not a bona fide food blogger but one thing is for sure I love food 🙂

Whenever I’m going from the North I always pass by at Caltex in NLEX NB because of these 2 reasons:

1. Fashion Rack

2. Razon’s

Razon’s is popular because of their Halo Halo and Palabok but this post not about their 2 most famous menu items.

This is about their Caldereta and Kare Kare.

For people who knows me well knows that I love Caldereta…..there is something about stewed beef that I find so satisfying and comforting.

Razon’s version is one of the best I had….the best is so tender that you can pull it apart with your fork. The sauce is just the right tomato flavor with a hint of spiciness that does not overpower the sauce. The sauce is rich and flavor that it is so satisfying. No need for any condiments it is that good.

Beef Caldereta

Their Kare Kare is also very very good…..beef so tender and the sauce oh my the sauce is so yummy that you have to stop yourself from getting an extra order of rice. Their bagoong is also tasty without being too salty.

Here is a picture of their Palabok

Not all Razons Stores have these menu items so far I was just able to get it from their branch in Caltex and the one in San Fernando, Pampanga.

So for your next visit up north, visit Razons and try their Kare Kare and Caldereta I swear it to die for 🙂


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